During the first visit

Individuals under 18 with adults present

The initial intake will be scheduled for 120 minutes, but will usually last between 90-100 minutes. It may be helpful to bring something to do in the waiting room for some of the down time. It may take several sessions before arriving at a diagnosis and recommended treatment. I may also refer out for neuropsychological or psychological testing to assist with more complicated presentations. Please have the clinic intake form filled out prior to the first visit. It can be sent to me before or brought to the first appointment.

For kids under 12

I will generally begin by meeting with the adults in the child’s life. That can occur as a separate visit or for the first 45-60 minutes of the visit. Then I like to spend time getting to know the child without the parents present (if the child is comfortable enough). I will meet with everyone together at the end. We may decide to also have a follow up meeting with only the adults present.

For kids 12 & up

I will begin with everyone in the room, but will want the initial time to be spent with the adolescent without the adults present. Then the adults can come in and the adolescent will have the option of being present or letting them have their own time to present their perceptions.

Adults (or teenagers who are seeking help without adults in their lives)

Intakes normally last between 60–90 minutes. You are welcome to bring support with you and they can be a part of some of the session. If not, we will meet alone for the entirety.


  • Psychiatric Assessment

    60–120 minutes

  • Psychiatric Consultation referred by a Primary Care Provider

    60–120 minutes

  • Ongoing Medication Management

    30 minutes

  • Combined Medication Management and Psychotherapy

    30–60 minutes

  • Individual Psychotherapy without medication management

    30–60 minutes

  • Family Psychotherapy

    45–60 minutes

Payment Options


I am currently in network for BCBS, Asante and Pacific Source. I am applying to be on other networks at this time, but will work with other insurances as an out of network provider. The individual seeking services will be responsible for the cost that the insurance doesn’t cover. Copays and fees not covered are due at the time of the appointment.

Private Pay

I am able to work with clients who don’t have mental health coverage. Prices and payment plans will be discussed prior to the initial visit.